Intentional Living Coaching Program

Are you ready to stop trying to prove you belong and own your power as a divine feminine leader?

 When you know it’s time to stand out and get out of your own way.

Take intentional action to create the reality that you want.  

Harness the power of Human Design, the Gene Keys, and other powerful tools to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

✨ Ready to achieve your goals and know exactly what steps to take next?

✨ Want to confidently trust your intuition and make aligned decisions?

✨Tired of living in fear of the unknown, change, or new beginnings?

✨ Struggling with perfectionism that prevents risk taking and authenticity?

Let’s take your power back now!

Most women fail to prioritize themselves and never fully unlock their potential because they…

  • Take care of everyone else except themselves

  • Question their personal success

  • Have tried before but wasn’t consistent

  • Experience stress, burnout, or overwhelm

  • Face challenges with being open and vulnerable

It’s time to prioritize yourself and thrive.

Let’s leverage the profound insights of Human Design and Gene Keys to guide you to discover and embrace your unique strengths.

Together, we will crystallize your vision, dissect your personal and professional objectives, and craft your actionable, realistic steps.

In the Intentional Living coaching program, we celebrate our collective strength as a woman.


Embrace this empowering journey and step into your full potential by understanding WHO you are and HOW you are meant to show up.

Intentional Living’s holistic approach is tailored to recalibrate this imbalance by focusing on what matters most to you now, addressing it head-on, empowering you to emerge as the best version of yourself.

Together we...

  • Create your personalized Intentional Living Plan that aligns with who you born born to be

  • Develop actionable steps to systematically tackle goals, ensuring accountability and steady progress

  • Build trust in in your intuition and decision-making abilities

You were created with purpose.

Create your Intentional Living Plan to start...

🤝 Fostering better connections with yourself and others through increased self awareness and authenticity
🙌 Balancing energetics, mindset, and emotional health leading to improved harmony and reduced anxiety
💪 Winning the battle over imposter syndrome and owning your power

So you can stop...

🧘🏽‍♀️ Neglecting your needs to make others happy

🎭 Living a double life by being who others want you to be

🤏 Playing small and never realizing your highest potential

Personalized coaching for lasting results.

1. Profound insights from your Human Design and Gene Keys reading

2. Clarity on what it takes to achieve your goals

3. A holistic approach to your custom Intentional Living Plan

Check out what our clients have to say

“After being coached by La Tonya, I went on to become CEO at a big non-profit here in South Africa. It is my dream job. I have more responsibility and can make a greater impact”

“Creating time blocks and using the goal setting worksheets helped me not to get overwhelmed by the big tasks. They helped me break down my goals. Knowing that as long as I give it my all during that time block and can pick up where I left off the next time, takes the pressure off.”

“La Tonya helped me design my coaching program. She is a master when creating strategies and working out the details of how to create the program and pointing out the little things that really matter.”

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